My hand is still sore, but at least it is healing.  Frustratingly, it’s sore enough to keep me from doing much with it.  It really stinks being such a klutz!

So instead, I’ve focused lately on my volunteering at the kids’ school.  They have this really cool program called Art Awareness where volunteers come in to a classroom for an hour a month to give basically an extra art lesson.  We talk about a different art concept (like balance, color, texture, perspective, etc) each time, show prints of some famous art pieces and discuss how they relate to the topic.  Then we do a hands-on art project demonstrating that month’s topic.  It’s a really cool program that I’ve participated in for several years now.  And even after this long, I’m still amazed by the kids each time.

Kids have no fear when it comes to some concepts…like color.  As adults, most of us are a little more rigid that the sky must be blue and the grass green.  Kids, for the most part, don’t have this constraint as ingrained so they have no problems making the sky green and the grass blue.  I love this!  My favorite part of volunteering for this art program is watching what the kids do.  It both inspires and challenges me.

Now when my hand heals, I’m looking forward not only to crocheting again, but also sketching some new ideas and maybe even breaking out the paints again.  😀

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