It’s only 12 days into the new year and it’s already a crazy one!  …wonder what that means for the year to come?

I managed to finally get around to setting my goals for the year.  Most people I know (myself included) fail to achieve their New Year’s Resolutions, so I’m going to call these goals instead.  They may seen numerous, but I’m aiming high!  Let’s see how much of this fibery list I can achieve this year:

Personal fiber goals:

  • have a larger stash output than input (only personal yarn included in this number)
  • finish, frog or otherwise get rid of those stagnant WIPs
  • make at least one item for myself
  • make at least one item for each of the kids (they’re growing toooooo fast!!!!!)

Spinning goals:

  • restore Grace (the Canadian Production Wheel my Dad gave me) to working order
  • learn to spin on Grace
  • spin at least one full braid, by any means necessary
  • finish spinning that blue romney I’ve been working on for.e.ver.

Design goals:

  • submit at least three designs for publication (this one actually seems like a lowball number, but like I said it’s already been a crazy year)   note: 1 of 3 done!!!
  • submit application for Associate Professional in CGOA (finally joined last October!!!!)  note: application in progress
  • test the waters and teach at least one crochet class

Too much?  Not enough?  Guess we’ll see.  Feel free to help me stay on track with this list!

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