River Walk Wrap

My latest pattern to be released is the River Walk Wrap from Interweave Crochet Summer 2011.

This pattern developed as I was attempting to convert a knitted scarf pattern to crochet.  I wasn’t quite getting the effect of the knitted scarf, but instead stumbled upon something I liked even better.  Sometimes you just have to let the hook do the talking and sit back and listen.

I really utilized charts while designing this one.  (If you haven’t gotten into using crochet charts, I highly recommend it.  They turn the sometimes confusing written instructions into a visual diagram that allows you to actually “see” the pattern.)  After deciding I had finally made a swatch that was just right, I grabbed some graph paper and started drawing the charts so I couldn’t forget what I had done.  Gotta love those handy dandy charts!

I was so lucky to get to work with such a lovely yarn.  The Halcyon Gemstone Silk was sooooooo soft and lovely!  And silk!  Yummy!

As I don’t really have control over the name they give, I try to use generic descriptive terms, like Tunisian Entrelac Ruana (which became Sunset Ruana).  However, when I did a swatch in a sage green bamboo thread, it just reminded me of a Lotus Blossom.  So, for me, it now has two names…kind of like a first and middle name…River Walk (Lotus Blossom Lace) Wrap. 

Regarding the published chart, it is the chart for the gauge swatch, not the full wrap.  I’m guessing they chose to do this to make the chart larger and easier to see than the full chart.  There wasn’t really an easy place to mark a repeat on this one so I had originally charted the whole thing.  I hoped it would become intuitive as you got going with it and you’d be able to see what comes next.  If you have any questions on it though, I’m happy to help.  Just post a comment here or ask me on Ravelry.

Now, back to working on some new designs I hope to share with you in the upcoming year!  😀

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