2011 DFW Fiber Fest Awesomeness

Last weekend was the 2011 DFW Fiber Fest and it was an absolute BLAST!  I didn’t want to leave…just ask the ladies that had to escort me out of the building both nights I attended.  😉

I went to the Friday night talk by Mary Beth Temple.  She was so funny!  Everyone near me was in tears from laughing so hard!  I ended up having to get her book “Hooked for Life” and am thoroughly enjoying the read. 

I also met and sat next to Linda Permann!  She is so nice.  She wore the Garden Path Shawl she made (just stunning) and was working on a green version of her Peanut Butter Cardigan for herself while there.  It is going to be gorgeous!  She was also promoting her new book, Little Crochet.  It’s filled with super cute patterns for little ones.  I absolutely LOVE the Hooded Capelet, and want to make a ton of mini little Tegue’s Jingle Balls!  I also flip over the Tiny Tee Appliques, and Soft Owl Pillow.  The Swing Set Cardigan reminds me a little of the knitted Baby Sweater on Two Needles (February) by Elizabeth Zimmerman; but being crocheted, would be easier and faster for me to do!

I also met a few other super nice knitters and crocheters, including one of my local crocheting friends who does the most amazing thread work.  And we were all jealous that the other side of the room was winning all the door prizes!  I was totally star struck, but somehow managed to fumble my way through getting autographs from all the crochet superstars that were there.  There were knitting people there signing too, but I don’t know who they are yet.  LOL

Saturday, I had a Crochet from the Toe Up class with Robyn Chachula!!!!  I cannot tell you how excited I was!  She has been one of my favorite designers since the very first pattern of hers I saw.  She is so bubbly and sweet.  If you get a chance to take a class from her…do it!  She’s fantastic!  In fact, I was enjoying her class so much, that during the break, I went out and signed up for her afternoon class too.  😀

I’ve never taken a crochet class before and I had brain fart issues (you know those moments when you know how to do something but suddenly can’t remember).  I even had problems (and still am a little bit) counting!  LOL  But Robyn was great and the whole class had a wonderful time.  We made a little tiny baby sock and it is tooooo cute!  After this class, I couldn’t wait to try to make a full size version, so I downloaded her pattern, Cozy from the Toe Up (Rav link here), and have started on a “Woodsy” sock for myself!

And I won a copy of her new book, “Baby Blueprint Crochet“.  Another book filled with super cute patterns for little ones!  I just adore the froggie and dinosaur appliques, wish I had a Kyla Mod Stroller blanket when my DD was little and must make a Rosa Car Coat and Stella Jacket!  I need to find more babies to crochet for!  …or upsize some of the patterns to fit my little ones.  Hmm….

My friend, TXCr1cket, was in the class too.  We got to go to lunch together and talked about her writing up the patterns for some of her designs and collaborating on a video tutorial.  That will be exciting; she’s already won one Flamie for her work!  And I’m so jealous, she got to take all 4 of Robyn’s classes!

In the afternoon class, we learned secret little tricks like how to invisibly move a button hole (could also be used to fix a hole in your crochet) from where you originally put it to the other side of the piece or wherever you needed it.  To do it, we had to, gasp, cut our crochet!  But it wasn’t nearly as scary as it had seemed at first.  I also learned a couple of new stitches I had never done.  It was a very cool class…and see, you can always learn something new no matter how long you’ve been doing this!

Then I got to go shopping!!!!!!  I arrived a little early Friday night, so I had a few minutes to scope out some things before they closed the vendor hall down for the night.  And I bought some more buttons from Bonny Beads to use as the center of the crocheted flower pin I made using my first two ever handspun yarns!

The buttons just fit perfectly with the natural yarn!  The pattern is the Croco Flower (rav link) from Bonita Patterns.  It’s a really quick, cute flower.  I made it into a pin by using a large safety pin to secure the button on the flower and my shirt.  This way, I can also change out the center button in case I find other yummy buttons I want to showcase!  😀

Just inside the door, surely to tempt me, was Butterfly Girl Designs.  I have one of her .5 oz Green Italian Resin spindles and I just love it!  I used it during last year’s Tour de Fleece to make the thinnest yarn I’ve ever managed!  And as if a spotlight was shining on it (there wasn’t was there?), she happened to have a 1.5 oz green Carved Moss Agate spindle (kind of like this one).  I went home Friday night without it, but dreamed about it all night…so before my first class Saturday morning, I ran in to see if it was still there.  It was, so I knew it was meant to be mine!  😀  My pics of it haven’t come out very well yet, but I’ll keep trying!

Of course, with a new spindle, one needs new fiber…right?  I thought so.  There were many, many fibers to pet and drool over (well, to the side of).  The one that caught my eye, called my name and made me hunt for it was this BFL from Two if by Hand, colorway Algae Bloom.

It’s actually a bit greener than this photo shows.  My camera doesn’t seem to like greens…even in a light box.  😦  You can see better pics of the colorway on their website.  So now, I’m ready for TdF this year!  Is it time yet?????

But that’s not all!  I also had to have some souvenir yarn!  Remember that new design I had wanted to make to wear to this fest?  Well, I think I found a yarn that will be perfect for it and the weather in which I live.  It’s a bamboo/cotton blend, called Mousocot, from fiberlady.com.  And in case you haven’t already sensed a theme here, the colorway is Fern Green.

(For my love of green, I just have to figure out the right settings on my camera to photograph the colors better.  I’m still working on it.)

I had bought some alpaca/bamboo fiber from her last year and she had some tempting new shades of it this year; but this verde virtuoso screamed louder.  It is soooo soft.  I cannot wait to work out the kinks on the design and make it in this yarn.  I may never take it off!

Can you tell I had a good time?  It was great therapy for me.  I am already looking forward to next year’s Fest!  And see, I told you I’d make up for all that knitting during NATCROMO!  😉

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