Prelude to Fiber Fest

DFW Fiber Fest is this weekend and I’m so excited!!!  They have some fabulous crochet classes planned with amazing teachers, like the class I’m taking from Robyn Chachula!!!!  I’ll get to catch up with a few of my crochet friends and maybe make some concrete plans for collaborations.  And then of course, there are the vendors and their fabulous wares.  I.can.not.wait!!!!

Unfortunately, my plan to have a finished sample to wear hasn’t worked out and leaves me with nothing new to wear to Fiber Fest.  😦  I had wanted to make a quick one skein kind of project (because that’s all I have on hand in the yarn I wanted to use); but the design that won’t leave my head till I get it out is 1) going to need more yarn than I have…I think and 2) needs a little more tweaking to get it just right.  But I am still working on it and maybe I’ll even pick up some yarn at Fiber Fest to finish it in.  I really like this one though and think it will be fantastic!

I did finish the design for the fun NATCROMO project.  I’ve had it tested and have a few minor tweaks to make to the pattern and then I’ll post it as a freebie! 

Now I’ve got to start getting my stuff together for the fun this weekend.  I’ve got to pack my copy of Blueprint Crochet to get signed, materials for class, notebook, camera, portfolio (you know, just in case) and decide on a project to take to work on during down times.  I also need to make a list of some things I want to look for from the vendors…like yarn weights and quantities needed for known upcoming projects, buttons and beads and the rest will just be what catches my eye while there.  I always like to get at least one souvenir from each event or trip outside my normal range.  Notice, I said at least one.  Yarn, fiber, spindles, hooks, needles, books, patterns…yep, I’m going to have FUN!!!!!!  😀

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