March is NATCROMO!!!

This month is National Crochet Month or NATCROMO for short.  There is a virtual party held on Ravelry to celebrate it, and ITCROMO (International Crochet Month), with a crochet community spanning the globe.  There are games, CALs, general silliness and long bathroom lines.  It’s lots of fun!

Unfortunately, since I was relegated to the injured list for the first half of the month, I haven’t been able to do much in the way of crocheting (or knitting for that matter).  I did, however, pick up an old WIP to try to finish…the twirly skirt for Thing 1.  I know, I know, it’s a knitted project, not a crocheted one.  But it needs to be finished before she grows out of it and what was left on it was about all I could manage to do with my injury.  I finished up the last couple of rows and the bottom hem.  All that’s left now is the top hem and the i-cord.  UGH!  I HATE knitting i-cord! 

So I’ve purchased an Embellish Knit in the hopes that it will make my i-cord knitting life easier.  Only problem…it says not to use with worsted weight yarn, which of course is the yarn for all projects I have needing i-cord!!!!  I’ve searched the LYS, Ravelry stashes, and on-line retailers for a smaller yarn in the same brand/color as what I’ve used, but no luck.  So now, I’m either stuck with doing it by hand (UGH!) or risking breaking my new toy.  Decisions, decisions…

Oh!  I’ve been cleared for resuming fibery activities after my injury!!!  YAY!!!!  Of course, to celebrate, I immediately wanted to start something new.  The Village Hopelessly Overcommitted is having the second KAL for Gail (Rav link).  I wanted to participate last year; even had my yarn wound into a cake, when something came up.  I had tried to start it though; just didn’t get very far.  I was confused by the double yo.  Anyway, when the village started up another KAL for it this year, I couldn’t pass it up again, so I cast-on.  (I know, yet ANOTHER knitted project during NATCROMO…oh the shame!)

Things are going much better this time around.  I’ve figured out the double yo (or at least gotten something to work) and have made it through the first repeat.  Of course, it doesn’t look like much right now…

That’s the beautiful yarn I won from CindersKnits way back in 2008!  I absolutely LOVE it but have been waiting to find the right project for it.

Anyway, with all this shameful knitting during NATCROMO, I’ve got to come up with something to make up for it!  I’m digging through my WIPs for crocheted items to finish and through my queue for new things to start.  I even have a few design ideas that I might try to work out.  Think that would be enough?

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