Cast On Mania!!!

It’s that time of year again in the Village Hopelessly Overcommitted.  For one month, we allow our startitis to run rampant, encouraging a new project (or two, or three) to be started everyday…free of guilt.  And it’s no coincidence that it happens during the shortest month of the year.  😉

It sounds so easy, but is harder than you think.  As a veteran of COM now (who is still frogging things started during COM 2 years ago), I have learned a few things.  The key to sanity, at least for me, is small projects.  One that takes a day or less to complete.  And since I crochet faaaarrrrr faster than I knit, crochet projects top my COM queue.

So far, this is my best COM yet!  I’m having a blast and not completely stressing myself out.  I know I won’t be able to participate the entire 28 days this year, so I’m making the most of it while I can.  I have already started 10 projects in the first 5 days of COM.  Nine of those ten are now FO’s!  The one incomplete project is a test knit and I suspect it will join the FO pile before too long.  And this year, Mother Nature decided to help out by icing and snowing us in…so what else could I do to keep my sanity couped up in the house for four days with three kids, no school and no chance to leave???

So here’s the list so far:

  • Feb. 1 (or Jan. 31 depending on your time zone): Cast-on a test knit my dear friend, roseknits24-7, IrMom’s Cowl. Pattern coming soon
  • Feb. 2: Very Vintage Potholders 1 & 2
  • Feb. 3: Very Vintage Potholders 3 & 4; and another test knit for a village resident, this time a mug cozy.
  • Feb. 4: Very Vintage Potholders 5 & 6
  • Feb. 5: Two Moriarty hats for Thing 1 & 2.

I call them Very Vintage Potholders (and note, the picture only shows 1-5) because they are made from cotton from the 80’s and the pattern is Vintage Potholders 1941. It started because I have a lot of “vintage” stash that I’m hoping to use up and what better way, than on a vintage pattern. Think about it, if you use vintage yarn with a vintage pattern, shouldn’t the resulting object condidered vintage too?

The Moriarty hats are out of necessity. It’s VERY cold here and Thing 1’s hood on her jacket just won’t stay on.  So I whipped up one of these cute, quick hats for her to wear for playing in the snow.

Then, of course, Thing 2 wanted one too.  I just finished his late last night, so he’ll get to wear his out today.  Right now, they’re both running around the house in them, so I think that means they really like them.  😀

I’ll probably slow down a LOT on the projects for the rest of the month.  After all, our Pinewood Derby is this month and we still haven’t started our cars.  YIKES!  But I promise to find time to get caught up on the COM pictures.

The snow has been very distracting.  It might not seem like much to those of you who are used to snow and ice, but I’m a true Southern girl and this has been the most snow I have seen in my entire life!  (…even if you combined all the previous snow I’ve seen.)  It’s been crazy and it may not be over yet.  They’re forcasting two more days of ice and snow over the next week.  But at least school should start again on Monday…I hope.  Otherwise, I’ll have to try Franklin’s suggestion.

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