The Hat That Swallowed a Child

“AAAAAHHHHH!  It ate me!!!!!” said my sweet 4yo Thing 2 who was kind enough to model the hat for me…until it ate him.

He was the only one willing to model my first FO for the year…a hat for my Dad.  Dad has a wide part and it needs cover to keep warm.

The pattern is A Hat Fit for a Boyfriend …clearly not limited to use by boyfriends.  The yarn is Bernat Alpaca Natural Blends in Ebony and it used all but about a yard of one skein to finish.

Dad wanted it longer to be able to fold up the edge, so I made it about 7.5″ before starting the decreases.  I figure if it can swallow the entire head of a 4 yo with a large head, it should probably be long enough for a full sized adult to fold over and still cover his ears.  At least, that’s what I’m hoping.

It’s a really simple 3×2 rib hat, but I really like the way the decreases worked on the crown.  Every other rib just sort of disappears…of course you can’t see it all that well since his head doesn’t really stretch the hat much.  But you can kind of get the idea.

And since I usually cast-on too tight, I used the Estonian cast-on I’ve been using for socks.  It’s a really nice strechy beginning and adds a little decorative flair at the same time.

Tomorrow is the start of Village Hopelessly Overcommitted’s Annual Cast-on Mania (or COM).  I have for sure planned on casting on a test knit for a good friend and then I’m thinking of trying to use up some of my “vintage” yarn on some vintage patterns.  We’ll see what I actually have time for since we’ll also be having Pinewood Derby this month.  Oh well, I’ve enjoyed the lack of crazies for the few days it’s lasted.  😀

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