2010 Catch-up and FiberFest

Well, it turns out that I really didn’t do much fiber related stuff after the Tour de Fleece.  I knew that once school started my schedule had gotten so crazy that it felt like I didn’t have time to do anything…apparently, it was more than a feeling.  😦

I did start on a little skirt for Thing 1. 

It’s a cute, simple pattern, but I’m not sure why I did it.  I’m not one of those that enjoys endless miles of plain stockinette.  I think maybe that’s a big reason why it’s stalled.  I’m on the last tier and the number of stitches make it feel like it takes forever to get one round done.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to suck it up and finish it while it still fits her cause I can totally see her twirling around in it like in all those FO shots I see on the Ravelry project pages.  Wonder if I could ask for an hour wait time at the doctor’s office?  Or maybe this can be my in between project for the DFW FiberFest…if I haven’t finished it by then.

The pattern is Barefoot Knits Twirly Skirt by Christine Schwender & Paula Heist.  Here’s the Rav link (for queing purposes).  You can get the actual pattern (for knitting purposes) from barefootknits.com under free patterns.

I’m using Berroco Comfort in white, pretty pink, rosebud and pimpernel.  The pretty pink and rosebud are leftovers from her Daisy Sweater.  If there’s any yarn left from making this (and I haven’t poked my eyeballs out from boredom of all the stockinette), I may try to make a matching Monica from Knitty, Spring 2007.

And yes!  I will be attending this year’s DFW FiberFest in April!  I’m so excited!  There are a LOT of crochet classes this year.  But the part I’m most excited about…Robyn Chachula and Mary Beth Temple will be there!!!!!  I’m already feeling a little star struck at the thought of meeting these amazing designers. 

And Mary Beth will be teaching a class on Crochet Entrelac!  It would be a great way to get started with the technique so you could tackle my Sunset Ruana!  Like the way I threw that shameless plug in there.  😉

I have a feeling this is going to be a far better fiber year than last!

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