Since I can’t show you what I’m working on now, and I’m really trying to be better about posting, I thought I’d just share some loveliness and try to spread the temptation that is Malabrigo!!!!! 😉

My first ever Malabrigo experience lead to the purchase of this gorgeous skein of Mal Lace in Buscando Azul…

Then, as part of our Village Hopelessly Overcommitted MYB Swap, I received this beautiful skein of Mal Worsted in Sapphire Green…

And my newest lovely aquistions are Mal Lace in Stonechat…

and Mal Sock in Impressionist Sky…

Tempted yet? 😀

It is every bit as soft as the stories you’ve heard! And I haven’t even worked with it yet…I just keep petting them! LOL

I don’t know what these will become…except the Mal Worsted is destined to become a Faberge Neckwarmer (Rav link). And I’m thinking something non-sock for the others, cause they are just so gorgeous, I want to show them off as much as possible. Got any ideas?????

Happy Crafting! 😀

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