Day of the Ninja!

Today is Day of the Ninja, so I thought this would be an appropriate post.

One of my Ravelry Village Hopelessly Overcommitted friends designed this adorable scary Ninja Minion. I was lucky to get to test it for her, but of course, I had to make mine miniature. Can’t remember if I posted this first little guy already or not, but here he is, my Mini Ninja Minion….

Then in November, I decided I needed to make another one for my swap partner. Since she likes blue and spends some time in the Carribbean, I made a Carribbean Camo Mini Ninja for her. I liked him so much, I had to make another one for myself.

But be warned…they are sneaky little ninjas! Particularly these little ones. You never know when or where they might show up. You can’t hear them coming. And don’t ever call them cute! They don’t like it! *looking over shoulder for ninjas*

Happy Crafting!

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