Catching Up Post Ravelympics

Wow! Has it really been that long since I’ve posted???? I guess between vacation and the Ravelympics I got totally carried away! 😀 Well, the Ravelympics are over now 😦 and I had soooo much fun! Guess this will be a picture heavy post just to get updated! LOL

For the Ravelympics, I entered 36 projects total. I completed 24 of those during the games and of the ones I didn’t complete, 4 were alternates anyway and the rest are at least farther along than they would have been otherwise. There were only 2 new projects that I didn’t get to at all. And I earned a medal for all 6 of the events I entered. I’m quite pleased with how I did. 😀

And just before vacation (right at the start of the games), I received the yarn I won from Knit It Up’s Name the Skein contest. Thanks to my wonderful husband, who came up with the winning name “Taffy”, I received this…
I think the knitting Gods must really want me to make socks cause this is the second skein of sock yarn I’ve won in the last month! LOL So I’m working on it. I cast on Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s Basic Sock just before the games (pre-game warmup) and I’m now working on them in the car after school while waiting to pick up my son. I’m just about an inch away from turning the heel now. So far so good, I think…

And just to catch up completely, here are the projects I completed during the Ravelympics and just before:

Kid’s Nap Sacks (checked off the Summer goals list!!!):

Fairy Tale Finger Puppets; My second pair of socks…this pair is for my daughter to coordinate with her twin brother who recieved the first pair; My Nutcracker Scarf:

Hostile Bunni and his Evil Minions for my oldest; a Doughboy for my Hubby as a joke (I got a little carried away and stuffed his hat too…I shouldn’t have.); Mintley, the Cafe au Lait Miniature Thread Bear. (I over-dyed the ecru thread with coffee.):

The kids Buddy Bags (working on writing up a pattern for the Star Wars Finger Puppets…more on that later):

My In Bloom Bag (photo of the outside of bag is pre-seaming); and the Draft Stopper for my oldest:

The other 10 were Fantasy Knits and were only done in my head. LOL

That catches us up a bit. I’ll talk more about the Death Star Buddy Bag and the wonderful friends I made during the games next time. And about some other GREAT news regarding the CLF Patch! 😀

Until next time…Happy Crafting!

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2 Responses to Catching Up Post Ravelympics

  1. leah says:

    Wow! 24 projects!!! I thought I was doing good to get 3 done! I’m impressed!

  2. Share says:

    Well, in all fairness, 10 of them were Fantasy Knits and only done on paper. LOL

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