One down, many to go!

I really didn’t forget to post, honest! I have just been super busy trying to get a crazy amount of projects done in a short time (ok, at least it’s a crazy amount for me). And finally, I have some things to show you. But sadly, only one completely finished. Let’s start with that!

This is the first of 2, make that 3, Nap Sacks I have to make from Vickie Howell’s New Knits on the Block. Two were always intended and need to be done ASAP! They are for my 2 yo twins for our upcoming vacation. I wanted to finish them before we left so they could start using them and therefore have a comforting piece of home to take with them. Now that my 6 yo has modeled it for me (and amazingly he fit!), he wants one too! There’s no way I can get that done in time with the other projects I have planned to finish before vacation (and I don’t have the yarn). But I’ve put it on the list. I think though, I’ll make his a little longer so he can use it for longer than a day! Darn kid keeps growing! LOL

It’s nothing majorly spectacular. But it is huge and I’m quite proud at my math skills converting it into a machine knit pattern and adjusting for the difference in gauge. And I think it came out pretty close to the size in the original pattern. So, I’m quite pleased with it. 😀

I’ve also been working on some “surprise” Buddy Bags from annypurls. I’m going to stuff these with surprise goodies for the kids to keep them entertained on the long car ride. The biggest surprise will be the finger puppets. I can’t show you pictures of them yet cause I really want to keep those as a surprise (they see me working on the bags). But I have come up with something awesome for my 6 yo and pretty fun for the little ones. Or at least I think so. I promise there will be another post on the bags after the vacation. And I’m going to make myself one or two of them to use as small project bags. I’ll just change the strap a little. It’s a very adaptable pattern. I LOVE it!

And of course, I’m still prepping for the Ravelympics. I am now entered (as of today) in 5 events with 17 active projects (and 5 alternates). And am considering also entering the Fantasy DecKnitathalon. Since it’s fantasy, I’m pretty sure I can do that! HeeHee Besides, what’s another 10-20 projects for someone on Team Hopelessly Overcommitted. 😉

Now back to work on those projects! Happy Crafting!

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4 Responses to One down, many to go!

  1. Cinders says:

    CONGRATULATIONS SHARE you won my blogiversary comp!!!I’ll find you on ravelry and convo you

  2. Aunt Kathy says:

    Congrats Share on winning the contest on Cinders blog… I wasn’t sure if she had found you but I see she did… {{{smile}}}

  3. Share says:

    Thanks! I’m still jumping up and down! Now to go make some “practice” socks! LOL

  4. thibeaux1369 says:

    “what’s another 10-20 projects for someone on Team Hopelessly Overcommitted. ;)” – it’s thinking like this that’s gotten us all in crazyland, with you supremely leading the way.

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