The Princess is Done!!!

YAY!!! She is finally finished! Well, sort of. She has no shoes or socks, but they would probably just get lost right now anyway. I’m going to learn more about making socks so I can make her a pair that actually fit. So, maybe for Smiley’s 3rd birthday, she’ll get shoes, socks, a crown (that’s actually already made) and some new outfits for her princess. But for now, she’s considered done! And here she is…

I did stray from the pattern a bit, as I have mentioned before. Her dress is knit in the round up to the bodice. Her sleeves have a crocheted edge rather than knit. I left of the “petals” from the dress. To combat the curl at the bottom of the dress, I sewed a satin ribbon to the underside, which also served to cover up the floats on the back from the embroidery. Now little fingers can’t pull on them.

And her hair…her lucious thick hair can be styled in several ways, not just permanently sewn into braids. She has been a true learning experience for me, but not something I would recommend to others who are just starting out knitting. That’s probably another reason she took so long.

Anyway, this made it all worth it…

Yesterday was the twin’s 2nd birthday. We all had a blast. Smiley clearly loves her princess and her brother’s turtle. I missed that shot as well as the shot of Bear with his turtle. He loves him as well, but you know guys…. LOL

Of course, I made their cake, like I always do for the kids. It’s just something I must do. And I love doing it. I’m quite proud of this one though…

I was afraid I wasn’t going to have enough fondant, so that’s why the windows were iced instead. Turned out, I did have enough, but I probably would have messed the rest up trying to go back and add them later, so I just left them. And in case you didn’t recognize them, it’s The Wiggles in their Big Red Car. My twinadoes are big fans! They sing and dance all day long to The Wiggles (even when there is no music on!). And they recognized them right away and had big smiles. They just loved it! It was the perfect day!

Now off to work on some more stuff! Happy Crafting!
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One Response to The Princess is Done!!!

  1. Piggilicious says:

    Aww! The picture of your daughter is absolutely precious. When I was a little girl, one of my mom’s friend knitted me a pretty clown, but she also added all sorts of knitted bugs on it. It’s such a dilemma… the clown was precious, but the bugs made it terrifying.

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