Queen of WIPs

Yes, that’s right, I’ve designated myself Queen of WIPs. And here’s my crown to prove it…

See, it’s even on my head…

This is crocheted with wire and beads. My first time crocheting with either, btw. It was created for a challenge for the Ravelry Silly Strings group. Back in May, we were all dubbed queens (yes I’m behind). We had to figure out what we were queens of and set forth to crochet ourselves crowns/tiaras representing it and do it with wire. This was tough! I’ve never crocheted with wire before and it’s a lot harder than it looks! There were some great creations made by people who clearly have better wire skills than I, but I’ll get there! 😀

I knew right away that I wanted a something along the lines of a traditional (in shape/style at least) crown/tiara. Just had to figure out what to be Queen of…and of course figure out how to work with wire. So I got out my sparkly silver (diamond looking right?) seed beads, some 32 gauge wire and a for wire only steel crochet hook and started playing. After many attempts, I finally a really simple almost bracelet looking thing (sorry, I can’t find the photo).

Not exactly what I had in mind. Too thin, too flimsy, too everything but what I wanted. And all my attempts and anything other than chaining left a lot to be desired as did my attempts even at chaining larger wire. So, I had to figure out a way to use my chaining with flimsy wire skills to create something that would fit my idea of a crown. Oh yeah, I also have to come up with a theme!

The WIP idea came about pretty early too actually, but I was sure how to do it or if it would even make sense. I kept bouncing other ideas around, but this is the one that kept coming up and hence, I dubbed myself Queen of WIPs. Not necessarily because of the number of crochet and knitting projects I have in progress (I know there are people who have more), but for all the other things in my life that are also works in progress (me, the kids, my other crafts…just to name a few). So to that end, I put in some color to represent the ever changing “Works in Progress” that we all are. The green is not only my favorite color, but is also meant to be vine-like. The pink dot over the ‘i’ is symbolic of a flower. And I can use it as something cool to put on my head to let the rest of the family know when Mommy’s working and needs to be left alone. LOL (And there is another definition of WIP for ya!)

I’m quite please with how it came out. And it can actually be considered a Work in Progress as well, even though it’s technically finished. It’s inspired me to try other things in wire and darn it, to figure out how to do more than chain and slip stitch in wire! 😀 So that’s one thing I can cross off my Summer Goals list.

Speaking of Summer Goals, my baby girl’s Princess should be done in time for her birthday Monday as well. I finally finished the hair! YAY!!! Although I may never do doll hair again! I’ve just got a couple of other minor things to do. I didn’t like the ‘crown’ in the pattern. So I made up my own. I don’t want to sew it to her head as I wanted to make this a doll that can grow with her. So it’s removable and as such I probably won’t give it to her till she’s a little older. Besides, that will give me more time to figure out the socks! Try as I might, I could not make a sock from the pattern that would actually fit the doll. So that will have to wait until I know more about socks and can make her some a different way. And the stupid shoes haven’t worked for me yet either. But I’m going to give them at least one more try before giving up. She may just end up being a barefoot Princess. I do plan on making additional outfits for her. But that definitely won’t happen for awhile! I’ll post pics after she’s all ‘dolled’ up. :p

I’m also changing some things on my goals list. I’m going to save the Hourglass Jacket for August or September, cause I decided I wanted to do the longer sleeves and it’s just too darn hot right now to think of that. So I’ve replaced it with the La Mer Scarf from the Summer 2008 Interweave Crochet magazine. It’s done in Tunisian Crochet which is totally new to me. I had a very small taste of it during the NATCROMO CAL and wanted to learn more about it and since the Tunisian Crochet group on Ravelry is having a La Mer CAL, it seemed like the perfect time. Here’s my start on it….

I’m using Patons Grace in Spearmint and an I cro-hook. The color really is nicer than this picture shows. I’m liking it a lot and it’s going pretty quickly, even with all the frogging. I’m already about half way done.

And I’m going to make the Anny Purls Buddy Bags for an upcoming vacation. I’m going to stuff them with fun stuff to surprise and occupy the kids with for the long car ride. And my oldest just lost his only loose tooth, so I have a little more time on the Alien Tooth Fairy pillow (now if he’ll just make a final decision on color it would be great!). That reminds me, I have to figure out what project I’ll take with me for that vacation! Hmmm….

I’ve also been participating in a contest over at Aunt Kathy’s Place. It’s fun. My Princess’s dress was even the mystery photo last week! HeeHee! I’m still tickled by that! 😀 It’s fun and you should check it out.

Anyway, that’s all the updates for now!

Happy Crafting!
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One Response to Queen of WIPs

  1. Aunt Kathy says:

    Oh I love that crown, my niece Hannah would be inn heaven if I made her one of those.

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