One Secret Revealed!

OK, now that I have officially entered it into the CLF Design Competition, I can now reveal one of the secret projects I’ve been working on. The competition is to design something, in crochet, that is related to the Crochet Liberation Front and somehow includes the logo in the design. Someone had mentioned something about a beret and that got me thinking about military insignia. So I had a couple of ideas (some of which I may do anyway for submission to this book or later ones or just for fun), but the one that really jumped out at me was a patch, like on the sleeve of a bomber jacket. So this is what I came up with…..

I had a few issues with it, as I mentioned in a previous post, I thought the deadline was March 1st, so I busted butt to get it done by then and then stacked my schedule with all the things I had to put off that last week of February for the weeks following March 1st. So when I had a few bumps, I didn’t have time to re-do, even with the extra time. And the weather hasn’t been on my side for getting photos, but I finally found a day that was relatively sunny and my dear sweet husband agreed to be my model (and loan me his jacket!). Overall I’m happy with the design, there are a few minor things I would change doing it again…..including maybe switching the black and white around. And definitely, set the red before using!!!!!! I should have known better, but for some reason I took the labels word for it being colorfast. UGH! Still I’m pleased…..wish me luck! And if you’re on Ravelry and a member of the CLF, you can vote for me! 😀

And of course, in honor of National Crochet Month, I’ve been a busy beaver working on projects. I finished another bath puff and started a matching back scrubber (sorry no pic of that yet). Filled an acrylic tumbler with ice water and continued working on the NATCROMO Freeform CAL and two other secret projects that I will hopefully be able to finish and reveal soon.

And if you are on Ravelry, definitely, stop by the NATCROMO party group! We’re having lots of fun in there and we’ve even gone so far as to make it International Crochet Month! And if you’ve never tried freeform before (like me), check out the freeform CAL. It’s a LOT of fun! And great even if you have done freeform before.

Happy NATCROMO! And Happy Crafting! 😀
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