Happy National Crochet Month!

It’s here! Yay! 😀

Yikes! I forgot to post last week! OK, I didn’t really forget, I just got so busy that I ran out of time. So here’s a little bit of what I’ve been doing….

In honor of National Crochet Month (NATCROMO), I’m trying to do a project a day. Well, OK, maybe not finish a project every day, but at least have some crochet project going on every day that I can work on. So this week, I started and finished a bath puff in Lily’s Sugar n’ Cream Denim Twist…..

Started what was supposed to be my first thread bear, but the color reminds me more of flesh, so I may turn this into some kind of doll instead……

Made a “diet” Dark Chocolate Orange cupcake (for my Miniature Crochet Group CAL)…..

And I’m still working on a few secret projects for our NATCROMO party on Ravelry. In fact, instead of just doing two projects for that, I’m up to three now. But since they are “secret”, I can’t show them to you until they are completed and revealed at the party!

Also, I finished my entry for the CLF design competition. I thought it had to be posted March 1st, so I was rushed to get it done in time. I only found out about it like 2 weeks before the 1st and it took me about a week to decide what I wanted to do. I finished the morning of March 1st, just needing to take photos, when I found out I had until the 15th to post them. Oh well! I stacked my schedule in a way that doesn’t give me time to do it again (without colors bleeding slightly) before then, so I will go with what I’ve got. I’m happy with the design and hopefully that part will be seen over the slight bleed. Anyway, I can’t even show you that yet, cause the weather has been icky for photo taking and this is one I want to be sure to get the photo just right on, so……you’ll have to wait to see it too.

I have managed to sneak in a little fun (as if this isn’t fun already) doing my first freeform project. It’s a NATCROMO Freeform CAL. I’m having a blast with it, but really wondering what this is going to come out to be…..
This picture was taken after the 3 day of instructions. We get a new set everyday…..yes, I’m behind on the photos.
We are having our first big NATCROMO party day tomorrow. I would like to have at least one of my secret projects done by then, so I’ll probably be up all night!

And to top it off….It snowed this week! That’s right, snow! See….

So, this will be another super busy week! I’m supposed to have my pages for my son’s yearbook completed before Spring Break on the 17th and I just got the stuff to do it this past Friday! Hopefully, I’ll still have time to get in my crochet a day! 😀

Happy National Crochet Month! And Happy Crafting!
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