OK, last week, I said I was working on some more projects using the little Crochet Valentine hearts. And I am…..I’ve just been distracted this week.

My littlest ones have been extra clingy and started either coughing (DD) or having a runny nose (DS). So I’ve had to pay extra attention to them so that hopefully they will feel better and not end up with full blown colds. We’ve had enough of the sickies around here! 😀

But I was also distracted with knitting mittens for my oldest son who was complaining about his fingers freezing and was constantly trying to “borrow ” my wrist warmers! I need those! So I took him with me to the yarn store to pick out yarn for them that he liked, was machine washable (remember, he’s only 6), and would also coordinate with his Noro Silk Garden scarf. We decided on Berroco Comfort DK in Primary Blue.

I used double strands and 1×1 rib on the cuff (since the scarf is also 1×1 ribbing). Finished them in a week! I know, I can’t believe it either! That makes 2 projects I have completed, start to finish, in a week! Perhaps my ADD is getting better? No! I just wanted to have something finished to post! Well, that and he really needed them before the weather got really cold again. Still working on the scarf….it probably won’t get much wear this season. And Hubby’s will not see use at all till next season as I’ve only done a few inches on his.

Also, in case you didn’t know, March is National Crochet Month (NATCROMO). And in the Ravelry group, Crochet Liberation Front, I’ve been appointed Chair of the Water Subcomittee for our NATCROMO party. This is fun! In the spirit of it, I have some really fun ideas that I’m working on. I can’t say what just yet, it’s a secret! (At least until I’m finished!) But……since you came here…..maybe I’ll give you a special preview……

Any guesses as to what this will be?

You’ll have to wait and see! But I promise to get back to the hearts this week! I really do have some other just for fun ideas for them. Until then, here’s another “little” preview for you…..

Happy Crafting!

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