Hearts, Hearts and More Hearts

In perfect timing for Valentine’s Day, I saw a crochet heart pattern on Ravelry that just looked too cute. I just had to try it. I had just finished feeding the babies and decided to try it out while they were watching Noggin on the laptop for a few minutes. The only thing I had handy was a size C or 1 (2.75 mm) crochet hook and some size 5 DMC Pearl Cotton . So, I made these…..

Too cute right? Well, these little things really inspired me. I had so many ideas come out of it, that I still haven’t had time to make them all. However, I did make some of my favorites…

I still have more I want to try, but they may or may not get done in time for Valentine’s Day. I was trying to get as many of them as I could posted to give people a chance to make some for themselves if they wanted. But with 3 little ones and 8 other projects currently in the works (not to mention all the other life stuff), I feel pretty good to have gotten these done. Also, my model wasn’t cooperating! Can you imagine…an 18 month old who won’t sit still!?!? 😀
And in case you’re interested, the pattern is Crochet Valentine by Sara Graham. All of the projects above were done useing the size 5 DMC Pearl Cotton and the size C or 1 (2.75mm) crochet hook.

For the Itty Bitty Heart Ring, make the heart according to the pattern, then before finishing off, add a chain long enough to fit around finger. Join with slip stitch to other side of heart, being careful not to twist the chain. Finish off.

For the Itty Bitty Heart Headband, make 3 hearts according to pattern. Make a chain long enough to fit the head of intended victim, joining ends with slip stitch. Finish off. Sew hearts slightly overlapping onto chain.

For the Itty Bitt Heart Bracelet, make 7 hearts (or whatever number is needed to fit wrist) according to pattern. Thread fastener of your choice through a strand of the pearl cotton (or sewing thread that matches), and tie knot. Thread spacer bead (again, of your choosing) and cover knot. Sew to one edge of one heart. Finish off and weave in ends. Thread through the other side of heart, add bead, and thread through heart again. Then thread back through bead and sew on to edge of next heart. Finish off and weave in ends. Continue in this manner until it fits around wrist. Don’t forget to add the jump ring or whatever clasp you have chosen and a final spacer bead to the last side of the last heart. You could make this longer to make a choker or necklace too.

I do have a couple more things that just have some minor assembly needed. Maybe I’ll get those done and posted before V-day. If not, I’ll just post them anyway whenever they’re done! They don’t have to be just for Valentine’s. And some aren’t meant for that holiday at all……

Stay tuned! And Happy Crafting!
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One Response to Hearts, Hearts and More Hearts

  1. Paula says:

    I LOVE THAT BRACELET!! I saw it on Ravelry and was SO HOPING that you told us how you did it!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing!!! I am SO going to make this for my girls!!!

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